Adding a handle

Hello - I am new to Glyphs. I am editing a path I copied from Adobe Illustrator.

What is the easiest way to add a single handle to the anchor point indicated in the attached image:

I want to add a handle to the anchor point

I’m sure this is very simple, sorry for a dumb question!

There are no dumb questions. I would ALT-click the path to bring out the handles.


This is a rather common problem with paths copies from illustrator. We call it dead paths – segments with only one handle. But postscript always has two handles per segnent. In this case one of the handles has zero length and lays on top of the oncurve node. To select it, select the other handle and press tab (or shift+tab) and use the arrow keys to move it.

There is a plugin for that:

Select all, run the filter, done.


Thanks, Georg and mekkablue.

Is it possible to add a bezier handle to a node of a straight line? The straight line I drew is in the right place but now I want to curve it a little bit

Click the line with the Option key pressed.

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