Adding a layer on top of letter

Please excuse my ignorance…I’m quite new to font making and for some reason decided to create textured letter with a floral design on top, so that it looks like a cutout.

Like this:

Is this even possible or am I barking up the wrong tree :slight_smile:

I’ve created all the letters in Glyphs and then tried to add the floral design on top but then you can’t see it. Should I be creating a new layer or compound in order for the floral design to show?

Appreciate the help!


I really like the font, but by all standards the /S needs to be flipped vertically so the wider part is at the bottom.

Agreed, although this is just an example of what Im trying to achieve. My font is different but I want the cut-out leaf effect as shown above

Once you’ve drawn your design on top, all you need to do is go to Paths > Correct Path Direction and this should “knock out” your design.

To give some more explanation—these work similarly to how counters work. When you draw an O, for example, the path direction of the counter is inverse of the exterior path direction. If they have the same direction, you’d end up with a solid circle (which is what is happening when you draw your design on top of the solid portions of your letters).

I like the top-heavy S - suits the top-heavy C!

:slight_smile: Thanks for the explanation! I tried that but although the floral path is selected, it still changes the path direction of the letter and then everything is black again. I even went as far as removing all the extra paths and start with a straight forward letter but the leaf is still no show in the front

You originally wrote you want a textured leaf pattern, so what you are doing right now will not work. The leaves are paths so will either knockout or they won’t – but they will not overprint.

It just appears that you have paths stacked on top of each other.

If you want the A to be textured, delete the smooth outlines on the outside and inside of the counter. Then select everything and run Correct Path Direction again.

problem solved. Im sending you a virtual hug. Thanks x

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That is because there are too many paths on top of each other. I suppose the wiggly outline is supposed to replace the straight-edge letter, not just compliment it?