Adding a Script

To Glyph users,

Could someone explain how to add a script into Glyphs as I am not sure what is required.



A Python script? Place it in the Scripts folder (Cmd-Shift-Y), then Cmd-Opt-Shift-Y to reload the scripts. It should then appear in the Script menu.

Did you read the handbook?

I have looked at the following

"To install a script, you should put it in this folder:
/Users/[your user folder]/Library/Application Support/Glyphs/Scripts
You can access this folder from within Glyphs by choosing Script > Open Script Folder.

The scripts need to have a name comment in the first line like this:
#MenuTitle: [the name of the script]

You can find a list of already available scripts in Github. To access them, download and place them in the script folder".

A script is this the same for a plugin as I would like to install additional scripts or plugins from Github if possible.

Plugins usually go into the plugin folder. Please read the installation instructions that come with the plugin you want to install.