Adding .dlig suffix

Hey there!

I’m now working on a typeface partly done and I’m fixing some technical problems like naming, OpenType features or Font Info. The thing is that, those who designed it, create a batch of characters as “ligatures” but without the .dlig suffix that OTF needs to use them as discretionary ligatures. These glyphs don’t have any suffix neither.

So, since I’m having this problem, I’m posting this topic in order to know if there’s a way of adding a suffix to a batch of characters like the one I have in this project.

Thank you so much in advance,

Yes, you can add something to names of selected glyphs with Edit > Find > Find and Replace… (Cmd-Shift-F). Leave the Find field blank, and add your suffix to the Replace field.

An OTF does not require the suffix. You only need those suffixes if you want to automate feature code. But if you write the code manually, the suffix does not matter.


Thank you so much. Yesterday I didn’t have time to search for a solution to this problem but now, it was the first thing I searched and I found that helpful tutorial page in which there’s the solution you just wrote.

Since I want to automate the feature (it’s just some technical support) I realised I needed to put them on the names of these glyphs.

Once again, thank you so much Rainer.


Actually, almost all ligature will end up in dlig automatically. Only a bunch of “f” ligatures will go to liga. So you shouldn’t need a .dlig suffix. You should just need to add the “Update” button in Font Info > Features.