Adding image to background / change of size. Why?

Hello. I would like to add a drawn letter into glyphs. So far I did this: > add image, choosing the image and then the drawing appears. The problem is that it appears to be very small in size and in order to have it aligned with the given lines (e.g. x-height) I need to enlarge it to 102%. Why is it that the scanned image (5 x 10 cm) gets smaller when added into glyphs? I tried to figure it out but couldn’t find a solution. I have Glyphs version 2.4.3

This is related to the DPI of your image. If you make the type body 1000 pixels high (e.g. from the top of h to the bottom of the p) and set the DPI to 72, then the image will be placed exactly as 1000 units tall. If the image is 2000 px high, then the resolution needs to be double too. The detail is in the chapter 3.11 of the handbook:

Here’s the cheat sheet to make it appear as 1000 points, assuming that the top/bottom of the image is the end of ascender and descender:
1000 px in 72 dpi
2000 px in 144 dpi
3000 px in 216 dpi
4000 px in 288 dpi
2083 px in 150 dpi
2778 px in 200 dpi
4167 px in 300 dpi

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Thanks so much for your prompt answer. Amazing! It worked out well. :slight_smile: