Adding Italic Angle (Glyphs 2) late on in production

I’m using anchors and note that when I Set Anchors in the Italic font they are positioned as the roman font. I now discover what the Italic Angle setting is for in Font Info (is there a reason that this missing from Glyphs 3, or has it moved elsewhere?). Anyway I add the general italic angle to this field and Reset Anchors. I now find that my side bearings which use various recipies are all off.

Is there a way to keep the side bearing recipies and add the Italic Angle?
or is there a script to correct the adjustment?
or as this is late on – ignore the Italic Angle and just place the anchors where I want them manually?


It is not missing in G3; you have to add it. Cmd-I > Masters > Metrics

You can add Italic angle in the masters setup in G3

Just hit the plus bottom on the top right and choose from the pick list.

Just spotted that :slight_smile: – thanks George :+1:t2:

I face the same problem in G3 when I add the Italic Angle. I see that now the bounding box is slanted all the measurements change.

I’m guessing this goes back several years

It does. Close to the x-height or maybe half the cap height. I don’t use it slanted because the offset numbers don’t follow the slant. I make slanted guidelines instead with the guideline rotation point at what Glyphs has established as the italic x=0 point.

What do you think is wrong with measuring the side bearings on a slanted bounding box? That way the l and i have comparable side bearing values. And when slanting around half the x-height, you can mix upright and italic words without having gaps or overlaps.

Didn’t say it was wrong. I’ve just never done this so I’m not used to it.

Will need to think on it with the next type design I guess.

I’ve used slanted guides at the moment.


There’s not anything wrong with it, not at all. It’s just that depending upon any font editor to measure sidebearings for all designs isn’t necessarily the best way. Guides will work with all designs.

An ideal situation for me would be for the editor to display distances from both sides of the glyph at a vertical point determined by the user. Then I would pretty much quit depending upon guides.

You can use the Measurement tool to (temporarily) see the distance at any height:

Or hold down Command-Option-Control in the Text tool.

I should have specified the measurement would show in the edit window. Moving back and forth between views takes up time.

A quick way to achieve this would be to enhance the Stem Thickness plugin to display those measurements.

Perhaps there is a way (or option) to have Italic Angle as is and a separate option for Anchor angle - same as Italic Angle or it’s own (independent from the Italic Angle)

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Hi @FlorianPircher, in your video how are you showing the measurement lines between the glyphs without the measurement numbers?
It looks useful the way you have it.

Activate the Text tool text-tool, then select the Measurement tool measurement-tool (or hold down Command-Option-Control) and drag.

Ah, I see, I never realised you could drag it away from the glyphs to loose the measurement figures! Thanks