Adding Kern classes

If I want to add a kern class in the Features panel of a MM/Variable how do I identify which Master it applies to?

Light master = pos @Lowercase @Superiors 70;
Bold master = pos @Lowercase @Superiors 100;

OT Feature Code currently does not interpolate, IOW it’s the same for all masters and instances. We have a solution in a future version of the app.

Currently you can use the code with a value that is good for one instance and a Replace Feature Custom parameter in each of the other instances.

Ok thanks!

Was a solution to this ever implemented in G3?
or is the ‘future version of the app’ more like G4 etc.?

It does work for static instances, just not for variable, yet. It is on the list.

add a Number Value in each master and then you can use it like this:

pos a b ${SomeValue};