Adding points without slicing

It seems like this happens sometimes horizontally if I drag the knife like a few points, points will get added through the glyph as if it has been cut but the shape is not divided. This is actually pretty useful sometimes, any chance it can be a feature?

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When you cut through just one segment.

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Sorry I dont understand your comment?
I meant instead of this:

getting this, with a modifier on the knife tool

Which accidentally happens sometimes!

Cut single segment = add point.
Cut multiple segments = slice.

Which modifier? I cannot reproduce this.

Yes my suggestion is that I’d like the slice tool to work like my 2nd sample with a modifier, so that if I drag the knife tool through many segments it just adds the points instead of slicing.

Actually I’m wrong about how it works, if I double click on the slice tool it makes a horizontal cut across all shapes, BUT sometimes it only adds an extra point.

Ha, didn’t know that, but I think it is a cool feature. Will document it in the handbook.

The adding of points, again, has to do with how many segments it crosses. An uneven number means that not all nodes cannot be reconnected, and therefore one node will be added and not sliced.

The double clicking is actually a bug that I just fixed. I can add a modifier to disable the slicing…

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Cool, thank you Georg that would be super useful!