Additional Custom Parameters for Axis value table format 2, STAT table export

As described in the Tutorial for creating variable fonts there are two Custom Parameters to setup the STAT table:

  • Style Name as STAT entry
  • Elidable STAT Axis Value name

This generates a STAT table with Axis value table format 1
I’m interested in generating variable fonts with Axis value table format 2 and am currently editing the STAT table by hand after export. So for me it would make sense to be able to export format 2 tables directly from Glyphs.
Maybe by adding additional Custom Parameters in the “Exports” section:

  • FormatIdentifier (needs to be set to “2”)
  • NominalValue
  • rangeMinValue
  • rangeMaxValue

Do you think that exporting a format 2 table directly from Glyphs is useful for Users in general?

At one point, I guess so. Hardly implemented anywhere though. The only tool I know that supports it is Samsa.

Currently I also add it with ttx.

It would not be better if STAT table was just one parameter at font level instead of various params at instances? Is not really handy having to set up the info across dozens of instances and what about when your value names needs to be different from your instance name?

Is it the case in a multiaxis font that you might want multiple Style Name as STAT entry entries? Does Glyphs handle that? Still wrapping my head around it