`addTabWithString_` now adds "/" as if it were escaped

In the past if I ran this:

textString = "/A/B/C"

It would open a new tab ABC. I’m not sure whe it changed but a few of my plugins rely on this. But now it opens a tab with “/A/B/C” explicitly as if the slashes were escaped.

I believe this is the issue here:

I’m on Big Sur (11.6.1) running Glyphs 3.2 (3179).

Please use:

textString = "/A/B/C"

In Glyphs 3.2, I cleaned up the API that there is a tab.string and tab.displayString property. The former is the plain underlying string value (that uses temporary unicodes for unencoded glyphs), the later uses escaped glyph names.

So if you insist of using the objc API directly, use:

textString = "/A/B/C"

Thanks Georg! I’ll just use newTab()