Adjusting right sidebearings in a glyph

Dear guys
Im going to start working on Glyphs and Im looking down in the trial version to understand some things. I want to ask if I can adjust right sidebearing of a glyph in a simple way (moving guides left and right as in Fontlab) instead of writing down numbers.
Thank you in advance!

Even better: you can do the spacing in the Text tool. Read this:

Thanks a lot!

Serious Kudos. The more I look, the more I like.

I don’t think the above question was answered though: is it possible to drag side bearings with the mouse? Yes, this is potentially less precise but I personally find it helpful when noodling on spacing…

Changing the sidebearings by staging is not possible. It is not precise enough. And it would allow accidental changes if you would catch the dragger while editing outlines.

I disagree — we can blow up our text model, the point being it’s more intuitive than keys — but I take your last point! I’m often catching it in fl.

With less precise I don’t mean that you can’t set it to a exact value but it is difficult to change it by a certain amout. And you can’t reproduce it with other letters.