Adjusting vertical metrics for an existing font

I’m making edits to Rubik.glyph (licensed under OFL). Rubik sits a little higher than I’d like for my purposes. Here it is compared to Avenir Next:

Is it possible for me to make a global change in Glyphs to the vertical metrics to nudge every character down? I’ve been playing with values in the Masters tab, but I’m not seeing them take effect:

How should I approach this?

To see an effect, you might need to read that:

Where are you using the font. Is this a website?

Read the tutorial about vertical metrics:

The file contains custom parameters for all vertical metics, so you need to change those, instead of the default metrics settings.
And the stem information is the same in both masters, that can’t be right.

If it is in a website, the change could better be made in CSS, no?

I’m having the same issue. Trying to modify the vertical metrics for a different OFL-licensed font (Poppins) which has very generous ascender/descender metrics (being designed for Devanagari in addition to Latin characters).

I don’t believe my particular problem is with font cache issues as we’re loading these onto a server for use on the web, which is in turn being pulled into a PDF via XAML to be sent to print. We have a designer handing off designs and we’re trying to mimic those designs in XAML, but we can’t make the line height match the line height they’re using in the .ai file.

Having read through the manual, I get the sense that this has something to do with the different metrics—hhea, os/2, usWin—and how each platform is prioritizing those. But no matter which metrics I modify, it seems to have no effect on the final outcome when previewing on the web. Every time I make a change I save new files with different names, but each time nothing appears to be happening.

Would love any help I can get. Thank you!

Why modify the font? Can’t you change the line height in the process you are using?

If you have another font that has the desired line height, compare the tables in a tool like our Font table viewer or OTMaster light. Maybe the bounding box is influencing the outcome?

Ah. I see I didn’t mention that we had set the line height to 0 and still had more line spacing than desired. Not knowing any other way around it (negative values can’t be applied for the line height attribute) the only thing I could think of was to decrease the vertical metrics of the font itself.

Since my first post, however, we were able to figure out a way to modify the line height to where we wanted it (we had to change the LineStackingStrategy attribute to BlockLineHeight value). It looks as though it may bypass the font’s line spacing altogether.