Advice on fonts with large amounts of nodes?

Yes. To make it even more complicated :angel:, different output devices may impose different limits. So, the font ay export fine, and render fine on the screen, but one printer may throw an error when trying to print, while another one does not. And to add to that, the error may only occur in some point sizes. If you plan to sell such a font, make it clear that it will not be compatible with every hardware. Or also offer a TTF version.

Glyphs itself checks the node could and refuses to export with more then 20.000 nodes. That is a number I know can be exported safely and should work. Bigger numbers might work sometimes.

That’s good to know thanks mekkablue and GeorgSeifert. Does that 20k limit apply to TT as well?

I’m also wondering what it is about each one of those circles in the example that requires the points to be Present as opposed to being a Composite.

What do you mean?

TrueType seems to allow more points. The spec doesn’t say but it might be 65000. Have to check that.

Switching to TT was the solution we found for working around the printer PostScript error.

I just checked. TT glyphs can contain 65.534 nodes.

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