Align Points to the left, right, top and bottom

Is there anyway to do this? Currently the align functions only align shapes?, And the cmd+shift+a aligns to a centre point only.


Cmd shift A aligns to whatever is set in the transform grid.

Also you can set e.g. width to zero in the grey info box.

I just did Cmd-Shift-A with transform grid set to the centre-right, it still aligned to the centre-centre of the selection.

sorry not sure what the e.g. width is?

Whether the points are aligned vertically or horizontally depends on the bounds of your selection. For the rest, the grid is respected respectively.

Example: you have a selection of a few nodes. The bounds of the selection are taller than they are wide. Thus, Cmd-Shift-A will align all selected nodes to the same x coordinate. If the nodes will be aligned to the leftmost node, the rightmost node, or the selection center, depends on the grid in the grey info box.

If you want more precise control, you simply set width or height of your selection to zero in the grey info box. This also respects the grid in the grey info box.

Thanks for the clarification, I mistook the “Grey Info Box” with the “Transformation” box, because that was the first grid I saw.

Just noticed a bug, see this video

It should align to the top.

I see nothing wrong happening in the video. It does align to the top of the selection. And it also centers because the proportional lock is on.

Aah missed the proportional lock, my mistake!