Align selection not working well

Has anyone noticed that the align selection command doesn’t work as espected anymore ?
When selecting a point, it doesn’t always with the point in the background.

Can you send us a glyph where you can reproduce this?

Sent it to info@…

I had a look at your file. The problem is that it only looks for the same node type. But as the path direction is different in the background, all nodes between a curve and a line segment don’t match.

Hi Georg,
thank you for looking into it.

On Glyphs 2 align nodes with the background script works well for me.
In Glyphs 3 no matter how far the points are it gives me an error in macro panel saying:

File "Align Selected Nodes with", line 10, in alignNodeWithNodeInOtherLayer
    nearestNode = otherLayer.nodeAtPoint_excludeNodes_traversComponents_tollerance_( thisNode.position, None, False, tolerance )
AttributeError: 'GSBackgroundLayer' object has no attribute 'nodeAtPoint_excludeNodes_traversComponents_tollerance_'

that means that the script is not compatible with Glyphs 3.
You need to replace the method name in line 10 with this:


And add a “True” as the second to last arguments.

Sorry, Georg,

for some reason, I’m not able to see your pasted code

Sorry, fixed it. Not sure how this happened.

It works, perfect, Thank you!