Aligning Points Only

New to Glyphs App, here coming over from Robofont:

Why is it not possible to align points? When I select points to align, the whole object moves – that’s not the behaviour I expect. Not from Illustrator or Robofont norm.

Not coming from Robofont here but I also felt that was unexpected behaviour.

Did you try cmd+shift+A.

Yes. I was referring to the transformation panel options which would be a more granular align selection

The transformation panel is for complete paths and components, the Align Selection command is for points. The command with shortcut is much quicker, which is necessary because you need to align points very often. So it makes sense to separate the two.

The command does respect the align grid setting, though.

The align selection has singular behaviour. I know there are scripts that could be made shortcuts for various node alignment options but it seems to me the answer is already there - just allow the alignment buttons to also accept nodes. Double your money!