Aligning Selection?

Is there a way to align my selections to the “center” “left” or “right” similar to Illustrator? I’m still trying to get over this small learning curve. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

You can use the grey info panel for that. Set a transformation origin (like in AI), select your point and set w (width) or h (height) to 0.

Thanks mekkablue. I’ll try it out, I never really used it in Illustrator like that :-\ before, haha. I just hit the alignment button, was hoping there was one like it, but I’ll get use to it. I’ll go see if I can do it and let you know!

mekkablue, it works, but not at “0”, “300” actually centers it and “120” aligns to the left? Any reason to why? (new to specific alignments)

Which values are you referring to? The x/y or the h/w?

The values displayed represent the bounding box of your current selection. Now, if you want to change anything, set the transformation origin first (in the grid to the left), then you can set coordinates (x/y) and measurements (h/w).