Alignment = 3: Can't move with arrow keys

Hello, I noticed that moving components that have alignment type 3 (blue) with arrow keys is not possible for single units. Using Shift+Arrows works (for units of 10).

What is your grid setting?

1/1. Tested on multiple files, doesn’t work on either. Same on my MacBook (Monterey) and Mac Mini (Ventura). 3180

Works for me. Does something happen when pressing the Up/Down arrow keys? A beep or something else? Do the component coordinates in the Info box update and just not the outlines?

Nope, no sound, nothing. Coordinates don’t update in the component info either.

Huh. I just tested again. It now works??? How is this possible, it was not working on multiple files on two different machines on two different macOS versions.

Second Huh: It’s now back to not working again (when I tabbed back to Glyphs, the component snapped back to its old alignment and couldn’t be moved in single units anymore). I looks to be specifically only the exclamdown (and questiondown) that exhibits this behaviour. I have it set to alignment = 3, whereas the default alignment is 1.

So it does work with other components?

It works in other glyphs, yes, for instance

Didn’t test whether it works with other components in the glyph exclamdown, I’ll try.

Can you send me a file?