Alignment Zone in Glyphs3

Hi, Now that the Metrics and Alignment Zones are together in the updated Font Info UI, how do I add an alignment zone in addition to the metrics listed?

I had an additional zone listed in Glyphs 2, which Glyphs 3 seems to have added to the custom parameters list. When clicked shows: “<GSAlignmentZone 0x60000212b700> - p:-178 s:-12”.

However, when I click OK, the parameter is removed and I’m not sure what to enter to replace it
“-178, -12” doesn’t work, nor does pasting in the original string.

Any ideas?

You can add a non default metric.

Do the zones need be in numerical order? (mine is between baseline and descender)
Is it ok to say ‘undefined’ or is there a naming convention?

Shouldn’t this automatically convert from Glyphs 2?

I was unsure how to handle this. I specially the round tripping makes it tricky.

Hi, I just noticed that additional zone via non default metric is removed from the metric list on closing the file. It appears as described above in the custom parameters but is not operational.

Can you set the File Format to “Version 3” in Font Info > Other?

Yep, that seems to have fixed it. the metric now remains in place on when reopening the file.

Thank you!

I assume this metric order and name ‘Undefined’ are unimportant?


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