All-caps diacritics

Hey all, I’m working on an all-caps font in which I’ve used component copies of the uppercase to create the lowercase but was wondering what I do about the lowercase glyphs that don’t have uppercase equivalents (acaron, idotless, schwa etc).

Is it best to create uppercase versions of these glyphs or remove them?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Huh, what do you mean with no uppercase? What about: acaron/Acaron, idotless/I, schwa/Schwa and ereversed/Ereversed.

Sorry, my mistake! I’ve just realised that when I set this file up I added the Glyphs from a “basic character” list I’d found online rather than via the sidebar in Glyphs (something I did when I first started out and wasn’t sure what languages my font needed to support). I’ve since decided on providing support for Western, Central and South Eastern European languages, but now I realise this list I’d found online must have contained a few extra glyphs from other Latin languages, hence my confusion.