All Caps font in Glyphs Mini


I’m creating an all caps font and I’m not sure how to make it so that both uppercase and lowercase glyphs are typed as uppercase in the final product. I’ve read about using recipes (A=a B=b etc.) but I can figure out how to do this in Mini. Also tried the “double unicodes” option but after deleting all lowercase glyphs I don’t see the “update glyph info” option in Glyphs Mini. How should I go about this? Thank you.

In each lowercase glyph, place the respective uppercase glyph as a component.

Thanks - because I got rid of all the lowercase glyphs trying to follow the “double unicode” method, any idea of how I can restore them? If I right click “lowercase” on the left, there’s no option to generate glyphs like with other categories.

Sidebar: Languages > Latin > Basic, right click, select all, click Generate-

Thank you!

What version of Glyphs Mini do you have? In the latest version, you don’t need to do anything, just delete the lowercase and the uppercase will be double encoded automatically.

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I currently have 2.0.1 (85), which I think is the latest. I was pretty sure that when I deleted all the lowercase the font only worked w/ caps lock but I could be mistaken. I’ll keep this in mind going forward - thank you.

2.0.2 (91) is the latest version, which you need for this feature. Go to Glyphs Mini > Preferences > Updates and activate BOTH checkboxes, then click on the button.

Thanks mekkablue, just installed the “cutting edge” update

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Hi Mekkablue,

I followed the advice of adding a lowercase set and placing caps as components that you originally suggested but I’m for some reason not the seeing the update where it makes it an all caps font when you delete the lowercase set. My version is up to date and both checkboxes are checked in preferences.

How are you testing the font? Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

I was testing in the app but now that I’ve exported I can use them without caps on

You will not see it in the app. It is done at export time.

Will these copy across all the kerning from the uppercase, too?

Read this:

Or if you are working with Mini:

If you follow the steps, you have a single unified glyph set and unified kerning.

Thanks mate! Appreciate it.

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