All characters hidden after doing Font Info -> Features -> Update

I am working on a Devanagari script font. I am following the tutorial on glyphsapp dot com /tutorials/creating-a-devanagari-font.

In the tutorial (under section “Generating the OpenType Features”), it says
Open File > Font Info > Features (Cmd-I). Now just press the Update button and Glyphs will write all the OpenType code needed to preview what you have so far.

I did that. When clicked on the Update button, it showed me a prompt saying something like: “Some matras are missing” (matras are marks in Devanagari script).

After that, on closing the Font Info window, all the characters I had done got hidden in the Font tab.
So, in the All category (on the left bar), none of the characters were showing.

I had a backup file, but I still lost some glyphs I had done in that file.
Is there a way to restore the characters in the original file?

It’s possible that you had entered text into the search field at the bottom of the Font view, not matching any glyph names. If so, remove the text.

The feature button cannot change your glyph set. Whatever prevents the glyphs from being displayed is unrelated to the features. Jeff’s guess is the most likely candidate. Less likely, but also possible: a temporary display glitch, which can be cured by resizing the window.

Thanks for the replies.
Sorry for this late reply form my end.

Thank you @composerjk. I did have text in the search field that was filtering the characters.
Sorry for the such a naive question. In my defense, I had been working on the font for 8 hours straight and it was late at night.

But I do need to understand what Font Info > Features > Update does?

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Updates automatic feature code.

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Please close this ticket!