Allowing a white (CW) path to cut through multiple black (CCW) paths

Hey forumgoers,

I was wondering if there is a way for my reverse (i.e. white, clockwise) paths to cut through multiple, overlapping black paths? Currently it looks like it will reverse one shape, and then reverse-reverse the next one down – the end result being the white path visually only punches through one layer.

It seems like the suggested workflow for a drawing like the one attached is to do a Remove Overlap and then Open Corners (optional), but for the initial design process this seems a bit overly destructive.

I have attached a diagram showing what I mean.

White = overlapping area with a counter-oriented shape relative to the surrounding path. That is not the case for the stem piece that reaches into the oval, so it remains black.

To me this is normal procedure and I couldn’t think of a better workflow than the one you describe.

Thanks for the insight! I was just wondering if it was possible.

Appreciate it.

Just add three nodes on the right side of the stem, inside the overlap. Then you can move the middle point to make the stem thinner.