Alternate/bracket layers not working on Illustrator

Hey everyone,

I’m using alternate layers with brackets and they work just fine in InDesign, Photoshop, and even Figma, but they are not working on Illustrator, is this a known issue? Might this be a problem with the latest Illustrator version? I’m running 26.2.1


There are several threads about that already.
Can you send me the file? But usually it works for me.


I had a look. What letters did you test? With the file as is, it works for me with the three.lf and five.lf, but not with the and That can be fixed by removing the bracket layers form those two. The bracket layers in compound glyphs are not needed any more.

Hey Georg, then it must be my version of Illustrator because it works on other platforms. Thanks for having a look and for letting me know about removing the bracket layers!