Alternate character naming

Analogy question.

If I have A and A.ss01
than and

or it is

I have two “J”; J and J.ss01
Iacute_J.loclNLD and Iacute_J.loclNLD.ss01

but what about SC ok

I think Rainer suggested sc suffix on the end of the name
and dots for separating but I’ll rather check.

And, there’s no need to name idotaccent as i.TRK?
locl fea can handle it right?

This depends on the order of the features in the features panel. You add the suffixes in the order of the features.

you can use either name.

Not sure I understood. With names or reordering features?
If sc is before ss01 - and I have what will happened?

By changing orders you actually generate different features.

The a.ss01.smcp is a small cap version of a.ss01 but not a stylistic alternate of a.smcp (the latter should be a.smcp.ss01). It depends which one you want.

In the case of small cap ij acute, or just ij.smcp to make it simple, I think you are making normal IJ and the one like in Rijksmuseum, which means there is no lowercase ij.ss01 (i.e. stylistic set will be activated only within small cap). The order of suffixes should be therefore ij.smcp.ss01.

I have to do something wrong.
I have a two J – J and J.ss01
As small caps they are and

Indesign change UC J to J.ss01
but when converted to sc (both, sc and c2sc) j stays the same.
Named in your case doesn’t work, as it means it’s a small cap of j.ss01 (which doesn’t exist). It has to be

In any case, the order of suffix doesn’t matter ultimately, as you can always manually edit the features.

Thnx Tosche, you’re right, naming is
yet my problem was more bizarre.

Note to my self: Alway clean font caches.