Alternate glyph position/order in font window

I’m trying to identify why some of my .ssXX alt glyphs appear grouped with the basic latin ‘Predefined Sorting’ area of the font window view, while others with the same .ssXX convention (though numbered differently) are separated under the ‘Latin, Letter’ section by themselves. Features are all updated in font info.

Also, the ‘Numbers’ are not categorized into a section, being grouped with the letters.

That’s is probably because you have a Glyph Order parameter set

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The predefined sorting is controlled by a list of glyph names in the ‘glyphOrder’ parameter in the font settings. If you add glyphs, they will be sorted and added after the preordered part. You either have to update the glyphOrder parameter or remove it and let Glyphs sort.

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Yep, that was it :slight_smile: I ‘unchecked’ the parameter and it was correctly displayed now. Thx