Alternate layers in variable fonts broken again

Hello, this seems to be an ongoing back and forth. In previous versions of Glyphs (<~3124) this was solved somehow, but now, it’s broken again.

I have a rcommaaccent composite made from the components r and commaccentcomb. The r changes at wd=75. I have alternate layers in the rcommaaccent for the same axis rules. As far as I recall, this was required (alternate layers in composites that are made from components with alternate layers).

Alternate layers work fine in other glyphs that are made from paths only. Any advice? Thanks!

Okay, so apparently, adding the alternate layers in the composites breaks everything, but removing them works. So the opposite of what was required beforehand. Since which version is this the case? (Client wants to do his own exports…)

But, this leads to the following error:

Another issue is that the anchor alignment is screwed up. Left: composite with alternate layers, right: composite without alternate layers (wrong alignment).

So, once again, it’s back to version 3116…

Can you send me that file?

It’s the same file I sent you on 02. 05. about variable subsetting :slightly_frowning_face:

This is still very broken, I’m afraid. (3133)

I have an s with alternate layers, it changes from a long back stroke to a short one at a bold weight. If I add the alternate layers at the same coordinates in my composites, the metrics get screwed. If I don’t add alternate layers in the composites, the composites don’t change.

With alternate layers in composites:

Without alternate layers in composites:

For static exports, not adding alternate layers to my composites works absolutely fine.