Alternates Axis in Variable Fonts

Is it possible to make an axis in VF which switches glyphs (alternates) in Glyphs? Without interpolating the glyphs, preferably just by indicating which glyph changes (instead of bracket or brace tricks).

Technically, that is exactly what the Bracket trick does, if you keep both bracketed layers the same, and both master layers the same.

Otherwise no plain-vanilla way of doing it inside Glyphs. You could prepare lookups in Font Info > Features > Prefix and then solve the rvrn feature in post-processing.

Yes, I know. Thanks. But I was wondering if there could be a simpler way by a filter/parameter where you would simply specify which glyph is replaced. The bracket trick can become too tricky with many alternates, and fails at export when you call it through an OT feature.

I’m working on that …