Alternates for ligatures

I want to create an alternate for certain ligatures. So if I want ss to have two different styles of ligatures, how should I proceed? s_s.liga and s_s.liga.01? or s_s.liga.alt?


Ideally, these should be in the cvXX variations. Add a suffix from .cv01 through .cv99. Then you can automate it.

Make sure the features in Font Info > Features are on the same order as the suffixes.

This does not work in indesign, right?

I have a font with for example two l_l ligatures, how can I get both of them into the blue underline in indesign/illustrator? With SSXX I can get the second one appear after inserting the first one, I just want them both to be there after writing l l.


cvXX is supported in InDesign’s classic composer.

Thx for the hint. I don’t see the option there. I see two World composers then Single line and Paragraph composer. Or that is in completely different place?