Alternating Glyph Shapes with Single Axis

Dear glyphs community, @GeorgSeifert
The interpolation for alternating glyphs (in this case z and k) between Regular and Black goes well thanks to the layers where I have two versions for Black. Bold is interpolated between Regular and Black [100]. My problem is that in the exported version for Black is not the one (the original) that I like to have. In the font overview it’s right though.
I discovered the bracket trick ( but it’s not the same case. Shall I create separate glyphs for alternative glyph shapes ( or is there another way to go?

Do you export single .otf or a variable font?
And can you send a screenshot of the layer panel?

I export single.otf

I managed it with separate glyphs. Anyway I’d like to know, if it works all in one.

Change the name of Black [100] to Black ]100] (note the first bracket is reversed).

I tried that again. As I wrote, it doesn’t work. The glyph for Bold is empty after export.

Are all three layers compatible with each other? In the setup displayed above, they have to be.

Alternative: substitute both masters, not just Black.

Yes all layers are compatible.
I did substitute both layers before. As I saw that it’s not necessary I deleted the second layer of Regular.
Thank you for attempt to help @mekkablue!

Can you please send me the .glyphs file to support (at) (this website without www). I will have a look.

where? we can also do it via mail. thanx

I sent you an e-mail yesterday. Did you get it?

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Yes, thanks! I’ll answer very soon.