Alternatives with diacritics

I’m not sure how to solve a problem with creating alternatives

I have my “a” with top anchor and all the diacritical marks. works great, now I have created “a.ss01” and as I add top anchor nothing happens. should I create diacritic marks for the alternative set like caron.ss01?


  1. Duplicate all the ‘a’ diacritics (adieresis, aacute, agrave…)
  2. Select them
  3. Cmd-Shift-F: find “.001” and replace it with “.ss01”
  4. Glyph > Make Component Glyph

Perfect. Thank You Mekkablue!

Hey guys,
I’ve encountered this situation too, and this solution seems a bit complicated…

Isn’t there any script to solve it?
We’d have the alternate with the anchors set and then hit the “generate diacritic alternates script”… and all the aacute.ss01, agrave.ss01…etc… would automatically generate.


Hello guys,
Same situation, I have a bunch of alternates (more or less 5/8 per glyphs). But I would avoid as much as possible to do it manually…

Is there any script solution which is add diacretics and create new glyphs from a selected one ( E.2, A.4, O.6, … ) as the missing diacritics generator is working ? It could be really helpful.


The ‘Generate glyphs…’ command can be used with formulas. Please check the handbook about the details.

Read these two tutorials:

  1. What you want is described here:
  2. And for more advanced stuff, try recipes:

Ok, I’ll check these options.
Thank you