An Arabic ligature jumping up!


Few of my ligatures are behaving strangely, for some strange reason they are jumping up above the baseline,

please see the attached and the code used below,
please advise،
sorry about the dodgy sketch.


code on rlig below

lookupflag IgnoreMarks RightToLeft;
sub seen-ar.init reh-ar.fina by seen-reh-ar;
sub sheen-ar.init reh-ar.fina by sheen-reh-ar;
sub seen-ar.medi reh-ar.fina by seen-reh-ar.fina;
sub sheen-ar.medi reh-ar.fina by sheen-reh-ar.fina;

Did you write the code yourself? The underscore is the ligature marker, not the dash. This one should be called sheen_reh-ar.fina, for example.

And can you show a screenshot of one the affected ligature glyphs?

ya, I wrote the code myself cuz I had to do new glyphs with new names, I fixed it now, BUT the problem still persists, here the code, and please have a look at the attached

lookupflag IgnoreMarks RightToLeft;
sub lam-ar.init alef-ar.fina by lam_alef-ar;
sub lam-ar.medi alef-ar.fina by lam_alef-ar.fina;
sub lam-ar.init alefHamzaabove-ar.fina by lam_alefHamzaabove-ar;
sub lam-ar.medi alefHamzaabove-ar.fina by lam_alefHamzaabove-ar.fina;
sub lam-ar.init alefHamzabelow-ar.fina by lam_alefHamzabelow-ar;
sub lam-ar.medi alefHamzabelow-ar.fina by lam_alefHamzabelow-ar.fina;
sub lam-ar.init alefMadda-ar.fina by lam_alefMadda-ar;
sub lam-ar.medi alefMadda-ar.fina by lam_alefMadda-ar.fina;
sub beh-ar.init yeh-ar.fina by beh_yeh-ar;
sub teh-ar.init yeh-ar.fina by teh_yeh-ar;
sub theh-ar.init yeh-ar.fina by theh_yeh-ar;
sub noon-ar.init yeh-ar.fina by noon_yeh-ar;
sub lam-ar.init yeh-ar.fina by lam_yeh-ar;
sub jeem-ar.init yeh-ar.fina by jeem_yeh-ar;
sub hah-ar.init yeh-ar.fina by hah_yeh-ar;
sub khah-ar.init yeh-ar.fina by khah_yeh-ar;
sub beh-ar.init alefMaksura-ar.fina by beh_alefMaksura-ar;
sub teh-ar.init alefMaksura-ar.fina by teh_alefMaksura-ar;
sub theh-ar.init alefMaksura-ar.fina by theh_alefMaksura-ar;
sub noon-ar.init alefMaksura-ar.fina by noon_alefMaksura-ar;
sub lam-ar.init alefMaksura-ar.fina by lam_alefMaksura-ar;
sub hah-ar.init alefMaksura-ar.fina by hah_alefMaksura-ar;
sub khah-ar.init alefMaksura-ar.fina by khah_alefMaksura-ar;
sub jeem-ar.init alefMaksura-ar.fina by jeem_alefMaksura-ar;
sub seen-ar.init reh-ar.fina by seen_reh-ar;
sub sheen-ar.init reh-ar.fina by sheen_reh-ar;
sub seen-ar.init zain-ar.fina by seen_zain-ar;
sub sheen-ar.init zain-ar.fina by sheen_zain-ar;
sub seen-ar.medi reh-ar.fina by seen_reh-ar.fina;
sub sheen-ar.medi reh-ar.fina by sheen_reh-ar.fina;
sub sheen-ar.medi zain-ar.fina by sheen_zain-ar.fina;

Do you have any exit and entry anchors in your glyphs?

Not really

Sorry I found the problem, I just had wrong guideline I’m following, it caused all of this, my bad

Sorry again. :blush:

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