An easy way to edit a glyph with no width

does there exist an easy way to edit a glyph with no width? as I cannot double-click it.

From FontView I think
Screenshot 2023-06-22 at 17.27.26

thanks, I mean from the other window. I think I have found a crude way to make it happen

What kind of edits do you want to make? Are these glyphs with outlines?

Combining mark glyphs are reduced to a zero width on export, so they don’t have to be zero-widthed while editing.

these do have outlines, they are like frames that wrap around neighbouring glyphs, and the ones I am working on need to have no width to work visually (looking at them is part of the editing process)

In those cases, what I personally do is go into Text mode (T), place the cursor before the glyph in question and press Esc to enter Edit mode. No mouse required.


You can install my plugin Show Zero-Width Glyphs which gives you an indication of the presence of zero-width glyphs in Edit View. Depending on the style of your ornaments, there might be different ways to organize/handle them.

thank you, that is exactly what I need

thank you