An idea for a plugin that would come super in handy (at least for me)

The idea for a plugin: A grid that you can enlarge, move around and rotate. All this, sticking to the original vector resolution. With an on/off option for rounding to the nearest schewed angle. And an option for enlarging the grid-size by unit-per-em.

Can you send me a mockup of how you would use it?

I’ll send you a mockup in a few hours.

I assume you mean the unit grid. How does a rotated grid stick to the unrotated unit grid?

I’m not a programmer so I can’t get technical about it. But, suppose each unit in the grid is a “node” (I might be being ambiguous here). The user defines the center of rotation of the grid by selecting any node on the unit grid. Thereby the grid expands, contracts and (optionally) morphs through rotation from the “plugin grid’s” center node. A 1 unit “plugin grid” will only yeald 1 rotation of the grid therefore could be equivalent to 0. A 2 units “plugin grid” might yeald schewed (parallelogam-like) rotations valid aproximations… I just want to make sure this makes sense to you.

(I’m going to try to clarify through a mockup I’ll send shortly)

Sorry for not following the posting rules firmly. I’m still getting used to this. I like the interface btw!

So here’s what can be done with low grid sizes with a very small unit grid. I imagine many more possibilities in high grid sizes. More than anything, I would use it for high accuracy game-changing decisions.