Anchor compatibility

Would it be possible to show some kind of special highlighting on anchors that are not compatible? In some of these non-Latins there’s a large number of anchors, some on top of each other, and it’s time-consuming to go through each glyph moving anchors to see if there’s another one behind. Maybe just show anchor in a different colour or put a ring around it in ‘show compatibility’ mode if it’s not present in all masters?

There is a script in my GitHub rep called All Anchors in All Layers which inserts all missing anchors in all layers in the same relative position. Does that help you?

I’ll have a look at that, thanks. Relative to what: the outline, the sidebearings or other anchors? On the whole I don’t want this to be automated, unless there’s some kind of report what changes it makes.

Relative to the sidebearings.

The script just inserts the missing anchors, and no more than that. The anchors are available for editing right away.

It reports everything it does in the Macro Window. Have you tried the script?

I’ve tried it now, thanks Rainer. I like it :smile:

I think it would still be useful to have some indication in the master compatibility mode to show differences between anchors. In some cases the solution might be to remove an anchor instead of propagate it to all masters.

You can see what anchors are not available in other masters of the connecting line goes to the origin point one of the other masters.

I’m not seeing a connection line for anchors. Also, wouldn’t that require it being selected? The difficulty is in finding the non-compatible anchor among so many; a highlight would be helpful in so many ways.

I have a look. But anchors should be connected with a dotted line

I see what the problem is: the dotted lines for anchors only show in ‘preview compatibility with offset’ mode.

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does this script works in the latest “cutting edge” version?

If it doesn’t, please report it with an ‘issue’ in the Github repository. TIA