Anchor moves with every save

I am using Glyphs 2. How do I keep the anchors from moving back to their (default?) position? The diacritics are there, but move usually to the right even after I save the font. Is there a way of anchoring the anchors? Thanks.

Do you mean save or export?

Save and have the anchors for the diacritics not move.

Can you post some screenshot with the problem (how you set it up an after you re-opened the file?)

  • Which exact version of Glyphs 2 are you using? See Glyphs > About Glyphs.
  • Which plug-ins do you have installed?
  • Is every .glyphs file affected or only a particular one?

The problem resolved itself. Very strange.
I thank you both, Georg and “Mekkablue,” for always quickly responding to my and others’ questions.

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