Anchor parameter for "Paste Special"

Would be nice to have the possibiliy to paste only the anchors of a glyph to a new one.
In the moment, it is a endless iteration through the layers in edit view…

For what glyphs would you use this?

in the moment, I am working on a font with 2 different Ascenders. And I have created the glyphs before setting the anchors, so…

Also in arabic there are similar letters with or without sidebearings, with different endings etc.
Copying and adjusting is simple.
I also used different names for different scripts, because this was easier to manage in fl5

And the command U does not place in the correct horizontal position…

I agree this would be a very nice addition to paste special. There are definitely many cases where that would be useful!

There is a mekkablue script called Anchors > Insert All Anchors in All Layers that adds all missing anchors in each and every layer.

Nice! I didn’t know this script also keeps relative position.
Still, paste special offers nice cross Glyphs / Family possibilities. Maybe one day!