Anchor placement inconsistent in numerals

I am making a Tengwar typeface. Tengwar is a script whose numerals have top and bottom diacritics to denote either base 10 or base 12. Problem is, after finishing the GlyphsData.xml and run place anchors command to my custom Tengwar numbers, all anchors are placed at (0, 0), though at least the anchors are placed. Is there a reason why that smart placement mechanism doesn’t work in number category?

Also a totally unrelated bug: In primitive shape dialogues (both in rectangle and ellipse), tab key doesn’t cycle through the text fields.

Hope this is not the case. Burmese numerals also take marks.

It looks like anchors in numerals don’t end up in mark feature whatsoever. Is there a technical reason why it can’t be or is it Georg’s decision?

Glyphs uses the Glyph Data to determine if it is a small cap, an upper-, or a lowercase letter, and calculates the metric lines accordingly. So far, I guess, numerals simply have been left out in the process.

I’ll check that.

Good point. Maybe I should set their category and subCategory as “Number” and “Lowercase” for example?