What is the anchor do I need to adjust the Hamza over the Alef?

/hamzaabove-ar needs a “_top” anchor (please note the underscore at the beginning) in order to connect to the “top” anchor in /alef-ar.

I think that the problem was in the necessity of activating the automatic alignment I use this method in the case of marks above the Glyphs but the problem is when you have Glyph contains top_1 and bottom_1 top_2 and bottom_2 What will you do?! And the development of new marks and contain top_1 bottom_1 is tired

The top_1/top_2 anchors are needed for ligatures. They have more possible positions for marks and the anchors are needed for the ligaToMark feature. If you like to position a mark on a ligature, you need to choose to why anchor to attach from the gray info box. Have a look at the last image on this tutorial:

Thank you Mr. George: The last reply explained information I do not know about before …

My way in the process of manually marks over the glyphs and this is tired with the arabic glyphs … for their large number

But I discovered an easy way as much as in the form

Thank you George you’re already a great person

I have the same issue here; I somehow don’t see the accent cloud when I click on any anchor point. I’m trying to apply vowel marks (tashkeel) on ligatures for an Arabic font, but I think I’m missing something since I can’t see the cloud.
Any help will be very appreciated. Thank you.

  • You are using default anchor names and default glyph names?
  • Glyphs > Preferences > Appearance > Show Mark Cloud is on?
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This may sound weird, but actually when I check the Display Mark Cloud, it disappears; I can no longer see it. It’s only possible to see with the box unchecked.
With individual glyphs, I’ve always had the cloud visible; the issue is whenever I want to use marks for ligatures, then it disappears.
I think I have the anchors named correctly (top_1/2/3 and bottom_1/2/3). In my case, I have this ligature (lam_lam_khah-ar.init), but there’s no cloud. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

Thank You!