Anchors and components questions

If a glyph is built from two components that each have anchors I cannot adjust the postions of the components within that glyph. The manual does not mention this. Is this behavior a bug or a feature?

I create dcaron and lcaron using d+caroncomb.alt and l+caroncomb.alt, with no anchors in caroncomb.alt. When I try to do this using only components I cannot change the right sidebearing to anything other than the sidebearing of the base glyph (in this case, d or l). I input a value, press enter, and nothing happens. If I add some other path to the components I can change the sidebearing, but if I delete that path the sidebearing snaps back to the value of the base glyph. Is this a bug or a feature? If glyphs is intended to work this way, should I just not use a component for the caron in dcaron and lcaron?

Glyph build from components are automatically fixed. To disable this behavior, add one node to the glyph. This single node will not be exported and can be ignored. I’m working on a better solution for this.

So when the metrics snap back in dcaron is Glyphs just fixing the metrics because caroncomb.alt is supposed to be zero width anyway?

No, The width of accents is ignored. It always uses the width of the base glyph.

There is one trick you can try. Make a copy of you caroncomb.alt and call __caroncomb. set the width of this glyph to the width you like to add to the dcaron.

Also, is supposed to add anchors to glyphs when I open a file? Because this means that I cannot delete the accent in a glyph to make it adjustable in glyphs built from composites.

James, you can also add a single node anywhere into your comonents-made glyph to disable the inherited sidebearings.
Setting “remove overlap” while exporting to otf will delete your extra node.

If you ‘disable automatic alignment’ from the context menu for both components (d and caroncomb.alt) you can alter the metrics of the whole glyphs. Does that work for you?