Anchors in Arabic

I have a question about some anchors in Arabic. For example in lam_lam_heh-ar there are: bottom, bottom_1, bottom_2, bottom_3; caret_1, caret_2; top, top_1, top_2, top_3.
Does somebody know what is the reasonable positioning of this anchors and what they are used for?
Many thanks in advance!

Remove the “bottom/top” anchors.

You need to set the position that the marks will look good. I always recommend to set the anchors in the base glyph close to the outline and in the marks quite a bit away that you have the distance between the letter and the marks only defined in each mark.

Hi Georg,
the principle to set the Anchors is clear. Usually there is the top and the bottom anchor (also a “accent cloud” and it´s easy to position them to look good.
Here we have three bottom anchors and two caret. There are no Arabic accents (in the predefined Glyphsapp accent set) wich use the _bottom_1, _bottom_2, or _bottom_3. I think therefore there is also no “accent cloud” when you klick on these anchors. So as non native speaker its very hard to find out what they are for and how to position them. Also what for are caret_1, caret_2?
I was hoping here in the forum are some native speakers, who can explain that in detail.
The same issue is with: lam_alef-ar, lam_alefHamzaabove-ar, lam_alefHamzabelow-ar, lam_alefMadda-ar, lam_alefWasla-ar.

The accent cloud should still work even with the buttom/top_1/2/3. And it does for me.

Wait. There should’t be _bottom_1 anchors, only bottom_1 (without the leading underscore).

Ok. I got the accent cloud now. bottom_1, bottom_2 and bottom_3 works. But when I move caret_1 and caret_2 the cloud does not move.

the caret anchors are not to position marks but for positioning the cursor when you step over the ligature in text.

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Cool! Many, many thanks!


Setting anchors for ligatures FEFB and FEFC is good positioned (inside bbox)
But not the case for it’s sisters ligatures FEF7 FEF8 FEF9 FEFA FEF5 FEF6
these six ligatures have their top_2 & bottom_2 anchor set far left out of bbox.

it also might be the same for lam_alefWasla-ar & lam_alefWasla-ar.fina
(these latter two glyphs can be generated from the left side list, but they are not found in glyph info window, even they have glyphs nice names).

I improved it. Thanks for reporting.

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