Anchors in corner component

I use corner components to round the letters corners. My design has two sizes of rounding and I use a high curve tension, so I don’t use a special parameter for this.

So I can’t understand yet whether I should have all three anchors in my component? Or are they needed for serifs, but in a corner only an «origin» anchor is enough?

Everything looks good in roman letters, but corners with three anchors looked more distorted in non-90-degree angles, or when I use a special parameter for an slanted instance.

After experimenting, I’m convinced that only one origin anchor is enough to make the transformation look more natural. Am I right about this?

Depends on what you want to do. Left and right anchors give you alternate pivot points for non-orthogonal corners. Depending on how they are rotated and mirrored and aligned, either the left or the right (or both) kick in.

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These are all typical situations. Rounded corners are always the same height and width. The angle itself is also the same/symmetrical in both directions, like a quarter circle. Except for the diagonal strokes like in N, where they should appear symmetrical, or when it’s mechanically slanted.

So for now, I tend to use only one origin anchor, and I hope it’s the right decision.

You shouldn’t need any anchors in this situation.

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Thank you!