Anchors in Tamil

Does the anchoring in component Glyphs only work in for Latin Scripts?
I’m currently working on a Tamil font, and I can’t seem to anchor the ‘virama-tamil’ to other characters in order to create a component glyph called ‘kavirama-tamil’!

Should I be renaming it as viramacomb?

We have not had enough feedback to build the Glyph Data for Tamil yet. Do you want to help us? Please read through this: and send us your XML, or upload it to GitHub (so others can contribute as well), then we can build that into a future version of Glyphs by default.

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Anchors should work in any script. You don’t need to define the GlyphData (but it makes things easier if you do).

I don’t know what a ‘kavirama-tamil’ should look like but I tried to add a ‘top’ anchor to a ‘rra-tamil’ and a ‘_top’ anchor to the ‘virama-tamil’ and made a glyph that contains both as components and the anchors where properly used to align the components.

Did you export the font from FontLab? Then the option “Disable Automatic Alignment” is set in Font Info > Other settings. Remove the checkbox and the anchors should work.