Anchors Interpolation


My ogonek anchor is fine on every master. However the result is not the expected on some instances. Is there a way to avoid this?

Screenshot 2020-12-08 at 16.52.40

Can you send me the file?

Will send to support, ok?

yes, please

Where do you see that error?

This image above is on the Variable Font Preview Plugin.

As this one:

But this is the result of an exported otf for example (Medium):

I have seen the problem in the medium but not the green one. I’ll investigate this.

To see the green one, just export an instance with 17 (weight).
Actually the Variable Plugin is telling the truth:

If I ‘Generate instance’ it looks good.

However, if I export the otf, this is the result:

My question is: The anchor should interpolate the same way as a point, right? What may be causing this?

There can be some cases where the Variable Font Preview Plugin is not able to represent exactly what the final exported font will show. Keep me posted in here, so we can find the issue :slightly_smiling_face:

In this case it is working perfectly! :clap:

The problem is that the anchors and nodes are interpolated the same but the components are not. And it doesn’t align the components after interpolation. I wonder if it should.

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Why not, what’s the reason? I would say they should. Even with centered anchors, you want the component to be centered after interpolation.