Anchors not generating

What’s the reason for anchors not generating on certain diacritics?
I’m trying to set the anchors for ‘ring’ but it just doesn’t happen.
Other marks seem to be ok, like ‘acute’ works fine.

In Glyphs 2.0, the *comb marks are used and have the anchors defined. Some detail is listed in:

If using Glyph -> Set Anchors (Command-U) or Reset Anchors (Option-Command-U) is setting anchors on /acute, then you may have a local definition for that glyph in ~/Library/Application Support/Info/GlyphData.xml

Use glyph /ringcomb instead of /ring and you should be able to set default anchors that you can then move to appropriate locations for your designs.

Ah, I hadn’t seen this new diacritics feature in Glyphs 2, thanks a lot!