Anchors on all ligaturre components are required

When adding anchors on ligatures, Glyphs 3 requires at least one of the anchors be added to all components or no mark positioning will be generated for this ligature.

For example, if I have behDotless_waw-ar with top_1, bottom_1, and fatha_1 anchors, it will not be added to the mark feature, but if I added fatha_2 anchor, this gets generated in the feature file:

		pos ligature behDotless_waw-ar
			<anchor 425 49> mark @mark_bottom
			<anchor 411 334> mark @mark_fatha
			<anchor 373 275> mark @mark_top
			<anchor 217 304> mark @mark_fatha

But this should not be necessary, and missing anchors should have <anchor NULL> written for them, per the spec.

Mark preview for ligature anchors does not work, but I think this was already reported.

The issue is that you need at least one anchor per component. That code doesn’t counts the components from the glyph name or any other mean so it needs to rely on the existence of anchors.

I fixed the mark cloud.

I see, OK I can live with that then.

Actually, caret_N anchors seem to help as well, and that is good enough for me. But I see that GDEF table does not have ligature carets, is this expected?

That would be a bug. Thanks for reporting.