Anchors on auto-aligned components in mark glyphs gone astray on interpolated instances

Here we see 8 instances: 3 masters (the regular master is the 5th cluster here) and 5 interpolated instances.

As you see in the interpolated instances (2, 3, 4, 6, 7), the subscript mark is shifted to the right. All anchors are correctly positioned, glyphs have correct properties, and compiling with FontMake produces correct results.

This is only occurring when I’m using components in the marks with auto-alignment enabled. Here the first line is using components that have auto-aligned components and the second line uses components that are not auto-aligned. All should be centred, and work fine in the non-interpolated instances or using FontMake.

EDIT I’m not sure why the မ္ဘ actually turns out ok in the first line, that’s also a mark made with auto-aligned components.

Can you send me the file?

I believe the မ္ဘ may be fine because the first bowl of the mark doesn’t have anchors of its own. The other subscripts in the first line have anchors on the first component. But Glyphs is not matching up that anchor correctly either. Sending the file now, thanks Georg! :slight_smile: