Anchors Panel, or way to view all letters with diacritic components

I am coming over from FontLab and trailing the software. I enjoy it very much many of the features are much better. But something Im missing is the FontLab Anchors preview window which I did use to do sorting glyphs by the anchor or by the base glyph.

Is there such a feature to do this in Glyphs App that let me see all glyphs containing ‘’ diacritic/component. And also allow me to see then all glyphs with '’ base glyph plus any diacritic/component?

Sorry for my English!

Right click in a glyph > Show all glyphs that use this glyph as a component
Or right click on a component > Show all glyphs that contain this component

How about a filter that only shows all composites, or only shows all real outlines? I used to use this all the time.

Just add a custom filter and specify just that. Read about the filters in the manual.


see this thread :slight_smile: