Annotation Tool

I also have the same problem. Annotation tool is missing. I also licensed Glyphs from App Store. 10.6.8 Glyphs 1.3.15 (413)

I Hope Georg could solve this. It looks as if there are two different versions of Glyphs around: the one you can purchase from Glyphs website and the one you can get from App Store. It is quite confusing.

Yes. Due to Apple’s restrictions and lengthy approval process, the App Store version cannot be updated as quickly as the regular version. That’s why the App Store Glyphs is always lagging behind a few versions.

I really really need the annotation tool :frowning:

Hi, I have the tool, and I find it very useful, but somehow the notes and marks I made dissapear. Yes, View>Show annotations is marked. But when I change de window they vanish.
Anyone with the same problem?

Thank you

can you send me the file?

Georg, I would like to, but it doesn’t allow me to upload de glyph file. So how can I send it?

send it to support [at] this domain.

I figured that the annotations are only visible when the annotation tool is active. that’s not really convenient, you never know if there are annotations in your current layer when not having the tool active (which also causes lots of redundant annos when duplicating glyphs, for example, and forgetting to remove the copied annos (because you don’t see them)

No they are also visible in other tools unless you disabled their display in the View menu.

Ahhhh, thank you! I didn’t know that this was toggle-able nowadays. So sorry!