Anomaly in G3 not in G2

I’m returning to a project last worked on in 2016. It is a GentiumPlus based project. I have downloaded the most current version (Gentium Plus 5.0 Developer) from

I am attaching a screenshot when opening the .ttf file using Glyphs 3.01 (demo). As is evident, it is displaying many of the Glyphs incorrectly – invisible, partially colored in, wholly colored in, etc. This same file opens in Glyphs2 and displays everything correctly.

I am trying to decipher whether Glyphs3 or Glyphs2 is operating correctly so I know which version to use going forward. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Hi, I opened with the latest cuttind edge 3.0.2 [3047] and opened without problems.
Try to update your version.

Thanks, @etunni! I see there’s a download link to this version up in a later thread and when I downloaded it and gave it a spin all went as hoped. I appreciate your help. Always nice to get out of the gate… Best!

You can activate cutting edge versions inPreferences > Updates. Then update again.

Super! got it.